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Stone, Lynda

Professor, Philosophy of Education
Samuel M. Holton Distinguished Professor

T: 919.962.9377
F: 919.843.2614
307E Peabody Hall
CB 3500

“Present reform efforts in education seem wrongheaded to me. No matter how much knowledge is learned, people are still harmed and indeed harm each other. Perhaps we ought to turn to considerations of ethics.”

– Lynda Stone


Lynda Stone teaches courses in the Ph.D. in Education; Culture, Curriculum and Change, and the Master of Arts in Teaching program, including theoretical foundations and contexts of education, philosophy of education and ethics, and specialty seminars.

An educator for over 40 years, Stone taught social studies for 15 years in California after attending UC Berkeley. She earned master's degrees in education and in philosophy as well as a Ph.D. at Stanford University. She taught at the University of New Hampshire, Michigan State University, and Swarthmore and Bryn Mawr Colleges. She was assistant professor for five years at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (Honolulu) before coming to UNC in 1993.

Stone’s research interests include poststructuralist perspectives, John Dewey, feminism, and curriculum issues. She has an emerging interest in social ethics; her working book title is Mirror for Our Ethics: Discourses on Youth, Schooling, and Philosophy, and she co-edits a new international book series, Contemporary Philosophers and Theories of Education in Springer.  Other recent work includes critical views of educational research, including topics such as rhetoric and methodology.

Stone is currently president of The John Dewey Society in the U.S., and has been elected and appointed positions in other philosophy and education organizations. She is also one of four American members of an international research group of philosophers and historians of education that meets yearly in Europe.

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. 1991 - Stanford University, Curriculum and Teacher Education
  • M.A. 1985 - Stanford University, Philosophy
  • M.A. 1982 - Stanford University, Curriculum and Teacher Education
  • A.B. 1964 - University of California, Berkeley, Political Science

Doctoral Program Affiliation(s)

Ph.D. in Education

Ed.D. in Curriculum & Instruction

Research Interests

  • Philosophy of Education
  • Social Theory in Education
  • Feminist Theory
  • Humanities Education
  • Cultural Studies

Teaching Areas

  • Philosophy of Education
  • Social Foundations
  • Social Theory and Education


  • EDUC 600: Reinventing Teaching
  • EDUC 645: Contexts of Education
  • EDUC 678: Seminar in Educational Studies
  • EDUC 745: Contexts of Education II
  • EDUC 775: Introduction to Ethics and Education
  • EDUC 779: Philosophy of Modern Education
  • EDUC 802: Foundations of Educational Research
  • EDUC 872: Seminar in Educational Studies
  • EDUC 873: Problems in the Philosophical Foundations of Education
  • EDUX 701: Teacher Leadership and Democratic Schooling

Honors & Awards

  • President, John Dewey Society, 2009-2011
  • Member, Task Force on Standards for Humanities-Oriented Research in AERA Publications, 2007-2009
  • Invited member, Research Community, Fund of Scientific Research-Vlaanderen (Belgium). Philosophy and History of the Discipline of Education, Evaluation and Evolution of the Criteria for Educational Research, Leuven, Belgium, 2005-present
  • Member, Workshop on Agency After Foucault, Ontario Institutute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto, 2007
  • Holton Lecture, SAPES, Durham, NC, 2006
  • Empire Who's Who, 2005
  • American Educational Research Association, Division B, elected Secretary, 2003-2005
  • Kneller Lecturer, American Educational Studies Association, 2003

Selected Professional Affiliations

  • International Network of Philosophers of Education
  • American Educational Research Association
  • Philosophy of Education Society (North America)
  • The John Dewey Society
  • South Atlantic Philosophy of Education Society

Public Service

  • Organizer and principal investigator, project on Resurrecting conduct for adult and youth ethics, organization process, Spring 2009.
  • Interviews, Daily Tar Heel, October 2008; Duke University publication, October 2008 on William Ayers.

Selected Publications

Stone, L. (2008). Complementing Ladwig: Extending notions of anti-intellectualism in education. Zeitschrift für pädagogische Historiographei4 (2), 96-98.

Stone, L. (2008). Impossible equity: An initial consideration of generation. The Sophist’s Bane, 4 (1 and 2), 88-94.

Stone, L. (2008). Speculation on a missing link: Dewey’s democracy and schools. Journal of Educational Controversy.

Stone, L. (2007). Should blame be part of the education of character? Philosophy of education: 2007. (pp. 323-331).

Stone, L. (2007). Asking wrong and right questions: A problematization of youth ethics. Invited essay, South Atlantic philosophy of education society 2006 yearbook. (pp. 1-15).

Stone, L. (2007). Wang’s self-seeking subject in search of a third space. A review of Hongyu Wang, The call from the stranger on a journey home: Curriculum in a third space, 2004. Studies in Philosophy and Education, 26 (4), 377-387.

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