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English, Fenwick

R. Wendell Eaves Sr. Distinguished Professor of Educational Leadership

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“The social consequences of abandoning the idea of the American common school, which is about to slip into the dustbin of educational history, will be the continuation and extension of the huge wealth disparities which threaten the very well being of America…If the schools are re-grounded from the engine of equality and social justice to the reinforcement of wealth, privilege and the existing form of political power which insures they remain the same, the American dream will also be gone forever. The public schools will only be public for the children who have no where else to go and accepted there because no one else wants them”

– Fenwick English in Educational Leadership in the Age of Greed (2014). Ypsilanti, MI: NCPEA Press, p.55.


Fenwick W. English currently teaches at the graduate level in the Educational Leadership Area. He has served in administrative capacities in K-12 education as principal, coordinator, assistant superintendent and superintendent of schools. In higher education he has been a chair, dean and vice-chancellor of academic affairs, as well as having been a partner in an international accounting and consulting firm (KPMG Peat Marwick) for three years in Washington, D.C.

English’s scholarship includes more than 35 books and over 100 articles published in both practitioner and academic journals. He has been recognized by academic colleagues as a leader in his field, having been elected to the Presidency of UCEA (University Council of Educational Administration) in 2006-07 and President of NCPEA (National Council of Professors of Educational Administration) in 2011-2012. His research and scholarship have not only been presented in North America at UCEA, AERA, and NCPEA, but internationally at BELMAS (British Educational Leadership Management Association Society) and CCEAM (Commonwealth Council of Educational Administration and Management). He has conducted on-site research on educational management and leadership issues in England and Australia and published in academic journals in those countries as well as on the European Continent. He served as the General Editor of a four volume Sage series which published the most influential international writing in educational administration in the last forty years in 2009.

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. 1972 - Arizona State University, Secondary Education
  • M.S. 1963 - University of Southern California, Elementary Administration
  • B.S. 1961 - University of Southern California, Education and English Literature

Research Interests

  • Leadership as artistic performance
  • Applications of the scholarship of Pierre Bourdieu to educational leadership
  • The history of intellectual ideas and metaphors in educational administration

Teaching Areas

  • Advanced leadership theories
  • Organizational theory
  • Curriculum leadership


Honors & Awards

  • Elected to receive the NCPEA Living Legend Award at the 2013 National Conference in recognition of career impact and influence in the field.
  • 2012- Gave a Distinguished Lecture at the Texas Association of School Administrators in Austin, Texas on the topic of “Turnaround Principals for Underperforming Schools” followed by a book signing.
  • 2011-Assumed Presidency of NCPEA in Portland, Oregon, at the National Conference.
  • 2010-The third edition of the best selling book Deciding What to Teach and Test is nominated by Corwin Press for the Distinguished Achievement Award of the Association of Educational Publishers.
  • 2008-Nominated by doctoral students for the UNC Faculty Award for Excellence in Doctoral Mentoring.
  • 2007-Honored by Corwin Press as a $2 million dollar author.
  • 2005-Elected to the Presidency of UCEA in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • 2004-Honored by Corwin Press as a $1 million dollar author.
  • 2003-Appointed to the Review Board of Educational Administration Quarterly.

Funded Research

  • Research on leadership heuristics in England which led to papers presented at AERA and published in several research journals (now concluded);
  • On-going research in Australia on leadership as artistic performance which has been accepted for publication in several research journals and an AERA paper in 2013 in San Francisco.

Selected Professional Affiliations

  • American Educational Research Association (Divisions A & L);
  • National Council of Professors of Educational Administration
  • Phi Delta Kappa

Public Service

  • 2012- Invited to participate in a special conference of the North Carolina State Board of Education to discuss the future of education in the state.
  • 2011- Reviewer for the UNC General Administration of a proposed Ed.D. program in K-12 educational leadership from an external state institution of higher education.
  • 2010- Spoke at the Wake County Educational Summit from which a DVD was developed and distributed to all Wake County School Principals.

Selected Publications

2015- Bourdieu for Educators: Policy and Practice(with C.L. Bolton) Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

2014-The Leadership Identity Journey (with C.A. Mullen & W. Kealy, Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield

2014- Educational Leadership in the Age of Greed. Ypsilanti, MI: NCPEA Press.

2013-“Leadership as dance: A consideration of the applicability of the ‘mother’ of all arts as the basis for establishing connoisseurship” (with L.C. Ehrich, of Australia, Sr. Author). International Journal of Leadership in Education: Theory and Practice (in press).

2013- Contours of great leadership: The science, art, and wisdom of outstanding practice. Rosemary Papa, Fenwick English, Frank Davidson, Mary K. Culver, and Ric Brown. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Education.

2012- “Bourdieu’s misrecognition: Why educational leadership standards will not reform schools or leadership” Journal of Educational Administration and History (May) 44  (2). 153-168.

2012-  Educational leadership at 2050: Conjectures, challenges, and promises with Rosemary Papa, Carol Mullen and Ted Creighton. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Education.

2011-Turnaround principals for underperforming schools. Rosemary Papa and Fenwick English. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield Education

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