In this project, I am focusing on how schools are utilizing mobile devices in 1:1 settings.  Schools
across the country are increasingly implementing one-to-one computing with the goal of developing
21st century skills and improving student learning. As part of the iPadagogy Project – 1:1 Integration
in Middle School Classrooms previously discussed,  I, along with our team, am working to  develop
a repository of curricular and other practitioner based materials that are housed at LearnNC
( LearnNC is hosted by the School of Education and provides professional
development and curricular materials to educators throughout North Carolina and across the globe. 
At this early stage, we have developed two iPad enhanced educative curricular materials
(Remillard, 2005) on sound and plate tectonics and are beginning a third on ecosystems. These are
found below. All of the materials are standards based and have been field tested in our research
study classrooms. They are in their first iteration and will be re-tested during the next school year. 
We have worked with our project teachers and school administrators to develop materials that
reflect the needs of a 21st Century classroom.  This project will contribute to an area that is lacking
in research-based practice.
iPadagogy Teacher Source Book

These books were created to provided teachers involved in the iPad project a reference resource for “how to” implement curriculum utilizing the iPads. An example book is found below in both the iBook version and a PDF file.

iBook Version

PDF Version

iPadagogy Professional Development Book

These books were created for a professional development workshop.  They provide a resource for the "how-to" implement curriculum across the disciplines using iPads.

Book 1 iBook Version

Book 1 PDF Version

Book 2 iBook Version

Book 2 PDF Version