Teacher Education Projects
In this area  of established  research, I have focused on how to leverage new digital media, games and school collaborations
within teacher preparation programs. In the first area  of research, I have explored  the use and influence of social media in
teacher education. Using funding from the Lenovo Grant Program (Summer 2010), this collaborative project examined the
development of interdependent learning of preservice teachers who used social media as a tool within teacher education
coursework. I examined the ways in which participation in a social media community of pre-service teachers facilitated the
development of their science teaching practice.  This work adopts the perspective of Lave and Wenger (1991) and their notions
of communities of practice. By using this framework to analyze the data components, the focus became tensions and
opportunities for development of pre-service teachers' progression from legitimate peripheral participants to fully engaged
practitioners. The second line of research combines the notions of community with the use of a virtual world to engage
pre-service teachers in professional practices. The final project within this area examines the collaborations between School
librarians and Science Teachers.