Research Overview


I am a teacher educator who conducts conceptually generative research on engaging pre-service teachers as
21st Century educators who integrate new and emerging technologies in the teaching of science. Technology,
in its various forms, is used as a tool that helps to establish and strengthen rich science learning environments.
These environments engage participants in asking questions, examining teaching and learning as well as
fostering understanding of science content and its application to real-world experiences.

Since coming to UNC-CH, much of my research has focused on engaging students, both K-12 and
undergraduate pre-service teachers, in learning science through their participation in activities that utilize social
media, games and other emergent technologies that encourage the application of new knowledge to their own
unique environments. These emergent technologies serve as a vehicle to critically engage students in active,
authentic learning of science content and processes. The pages that link to this site from the tabs above more
fully explain each of these projects.