Course Curriculum iBooks
As part of my curriculum development for the courses that I have taught, I have created interactive iBooks.
These books help to structure my course and provide a semi-flipped environment by providing videos and
other resources for students to access and use in their teaching practice.
Senior Methods  iBook

This methods block is a field-based, integrated collection of courses designed to
prepare pre-service teachers for planning and implementing instruction in
elementary schools. Block scheduling allows for flexibility in making
interdisciplinary connections across literacy, math and science and
school-based teaching experiences. Every section is led by a faculty member
and specialized graduate students to assist in coaching the students as they
develop expertise in teaching across these disciplines.


EDUC 416 Integrating Technology in Science and Math iBook

The focus of this course is children's development in mathematical and scientific
ways of knowing and the use of technology to support this development.

EDUC 602 (715) Technology Across the Curriculum

The focus of this gradute level course is to provide a framework for curriculum
specialists and adminstrators to integrate technology across the curriculum.