Gifts Matter

Profiles in Giving

Giving back: The Chapman Graduate Fellowship supports doctoral students in literacy

Reaching out in a wider way: The Pittleman Fellowship funds special education research and study

Master’s students gain opportunities for international travel and study, thanks to Professor Gerald Unks

MetaMetrics establishes fellowship at UNC School of Education

Activism through scholarship: Fred Crouch creates change (PDF, 2.24 mb)

Children win: The Linnea W. Smith Innovations Fund (PDF, 474 kb)

Sam and Margaret Holton establish the Samuel M. Holton Distinguished Professorship (PDF, 1.5 mb)

Susan Friel’s mathematics curriculum work leads to stipends for graduate students (PDF, 968 kb)

Former athletics educator and soccer coach creates the Alan C. Moore scholarship fund (PDF, 968 kb)

Honoring her mother, the Sullivans support rising leaders: Couple uses IRA Charitable Rollover provision to create a legacy (PDF, 2.13 mb)

School of Education receives Carolina’s inaugural C.D. Spangler Foundation distinguished professorship: New endowed chair named for former N&O publisher Frank A. Daniels Jr. (PDF, 2.13 mb)

Seniors set example by giving (PDF, 1.25 mb)

Vinnie’s fellowship will advance research on adolescents and young adults with developmental disabilities (PDF, 1.25 mb)

The power to make a difference: Ben and Walter Hussman invest in educational reform (PDF, 1.07 mb)

Teaching our teachers: Louise McMichael Miracle designates $250,000 gift for McMichael Term Professorship (PDF, 1 mb)

In memory of Carol Peeler, a teacher “inside the classroom and out” (PDF, 1.12 mb)

ABC’s on the family tree: In memory of her great grandfather, Musette and Allen Morgan establish the James Yadkin Joyner Fellowship in Educational Policy (PDF, 1.15 mb)

The best teacher they ever had: Three [Kennedy] brothers honor their grandmother with a scholarship to help future teachers (PDF, 1.01 mb)

Norman estate establishes scholarship fund for aspiring public school educators (PDF, 1 mb)

Smallwood fellowship opens doors (PDF, 1 mb)

Self Equity Series (PDF, 2.04 mb)

Legend in education honored with professorship: Robert Eaves, Jr., establishes Robert Wendell Eaves, Sr., Professorship of Educational Leadership (PDF, 1.90 mb)

Three new scholarship funds established in School: Holton Fellowship, Comfort Scholarship, Carlton Dissertation Award (PDF, 868 kb)

Charles Templeton gives the School of Education its largest individual gift (PDF, 868 kb)

A celebration of giving: The Bundy family’s story (PDF, 1.64 mb)

Fellowships and scholarships keep School strong: Smallwood Fellowship, Gobbel Fellowship, Kennedy Scholarship, Gordon Fellowships, Ireland Fellowship, Wyne Fellowship, Reynolds New Teacher Support Group (PDF, 1.48 mb)