Gifts Matter

Priorities for Giving

Endowed Chairs

In the coming years, faculty chairs will be a defining component in our ability to attract and keep our top professors.  Endowed chairs will allow us to recruit distinguished faculty to our ranks from the best institutions in the country.  The chairs will be modeled on the current Friday, Kenan and Eaves chairs, but they will be designated as named chairs for the donor and will include “Carolina Service Chairs” as part of the title and description.  The explicit service designation commits their holders to active outreach and assistance for children and schools, along with distinguished scholarship and teaching.

Term professorships

Endowed term professorships provide an important revenue source to support tenured faculty recruitment and retention, or for prominent clinical faculty whose services are vital to the school’s mission. They are visibly among the master educators and distinguished instructional leaders in the state and region.  The reward of an endowed term professorship, along with ongoing support to the school for retaining such talent, will enhance retention and the quality of people we can recruit.

Carolina Partnership Fund

To reach our full potential for public service, we need to create a designated part of our endowment, the interest of which will support in perpetuity our active partnerships and collaborations with schools, communities and institutions of higher education for the improvement of education.

Fellowships and Scholarships

Another top priority is to further the number of endowments to provide support for students wishing to pursue a career in education.  To sustain a School of Education that can produce the educational leadership of this state and many of its best teachers and principals, we seek an investment for three streams of financial aid – competitive, need-based and minority opportunity scholarships in education.  Such support is also essential to retaining strong faculty, effectively seeding the academic community with highly motivated and able students who will become leaders in their fields.

Faculty Funds

Endowed and outright gifts to support faculty research, professional development, and start-up and retention packages are important to furthering our mission.  Such funds will go to faculty summer salaries, research spending accounts, equipment and software purchases, seed grants, research assistants and targeted clerical support for projects as well as other professional expenses connected with research and field activity.