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Photo of Caitlin Hunsucker

Caitlin Hunsucker
Master of Arts in Teaching
Class of 2008
Morehead City, North Carolina

A gift to the School of Education Foundation supports outstanding students like Caitlin Hunsucker. Your generosity helps the School provide the quality environment that inspires students and prepares them to be successful in their careers.

“When I was an undergraduate at Carolina majoring in English, I took several classes in the School of Education and participated in a summer abroad program led by one of the School’s professors. These experiences had a great impact on me,” Caitlin recalls. “The Education faculty held an unwavering devotion to improving the quality of our education system. I became passionate about education reform.”

After earning her bachelor’s degree in English, Caitlin moved to New York to work for a nonprofit education organization. “This experience gave me the opportunity to further solidify my own convictions about the value of education,” she says. “It revealed to me that theory does not always translate into practice and that education is a calling and teaching is a true gift. I returned home to North Carolina to embark on my calling as a prospective teacher. I hope to emulate the dogged determination of the Education faculty.”

Caitlin enrolled in the M.A.T. program and began her studies to become a high school teacher. “The M.A.T. program was an exciting journey,” she reports. “I expanded my understanding of the role of education both historically and culturally and learned how I am personally equipped to improve it. I feel this program was excellent preparation for my future as a teacher.”

The mutual support among the M.A.T. students enriched Caitlin’s experience as a graduate student. She recalls that there was a natural support system among her M.A.T. peers fostered by a shared commitment to their chosen career path. “Whenever I experienced a challenging day in the classroom, I knew my fellow students would understand,” she says. “And I knew they would engage with me in thoughtful reflection about how to improve my teaching.”

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