Alumni Awards

Award Information

Composition of the Committee

The Chair of this committee is the Past President of the Council. It shall have nine members; two faculty members, five alumni representing as many facets of the School of Education Alumni Association as possible, a representative appointed by the Dean and the Alumni Relations officer. The Dean will review all awards recipients’ names prior to announcement.

Criteria for Awards

  • Distinguished Leadership Award recognizes exceptional service in furthering the mission and programs of the School of Education. The recipient of this award will have demonstrated exceptional leadership in advancing the opportunities related to education available to the School's community, including alumni, faculty and students.
  • Alumni Achievement Award recognizes exceptional achievement of an alumnus/a who personifies the School of Education's commitment to support diverse and democratic communities in order to improve education in the state and nation for all children and the adults who care for them. Through exceptional accomplishments, this individual will have brought distinction to self and to this alma mater.
  • Outstanding Young Alumni Award recognizes a recent graduate who has shown outstanding leadership and/or exceptional commitment to the education of children. The recipient of this award will personify the mission of the School of Education by emphasizing the interconnectedness of homes, schools, and communities through both professional and volunteer work.
  • Peabody Award recognizes an outstanding individual who has made an extraordinary impact on the field of education. The person chosen for this award will have demonstrated a commitment to local education issues of the state of North Carolina and/or national issues and problems confronting education.
  • Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes a teacher whose creativity and knowledge of a discipline have been expressed through the development of an innovative and compelling curriculum. The person chosen for this award will exemplify the qualities that the School of Education programs support in the art of teaching.


Recipients of the first three awards may be alumni or faculty. Recipients of the fourth do not have to be faculty or graduates of the School of Education. No person shall be recommended for any of these awards while a candidate for public office.

Nomination Information

  1. The nomination process will be announced in the Slate, on the School of Education website and on the listservs for faculty, students, Alumni Council and Carolina Connection. Printed nomination forms will be available. Nominations may also be in the form of a letter to the Director of Alumni Relations.
  2. Nominations may be received from alumni, faculty, staff and friends of the School of Education.
  3. A completed nomination form or letter should be submitted with a submitted describing the importance of the achievements of the nominee along with a biographical sketch giving education, experiences, activities, etc.
    • a. Identify the activities that this individual has been involved in which are pertinent to this award.
    • b. Discuss the sustained exceptional performance of the individual.
  4. Nominations are to be mailed to the Director of Alumni Relations and made available to the Awards Committee.
  5. The Director of Alumni Relations will maintain a continuous file on all nominations.
  6. Nominations must be received by June 1.
  7. Award winners will be notified by September 1.
  8. Award winners must be present to receive the awards.


The Awards Committee will decide who will contact the recipients and who will make the presentation at the annual event.