UNC Baccalaureate Education in Science and Teaching (UNC-BEST); B.A., B.S.

Program of Studies

For Students Entering Fall 2015 or later

Pedagogy (4 hrs)

One course, a discipline-specific pedagogy and methods course taught in the Departments of Biology, Mathematics, Chemistry, Geological Sciences or Physics and Astronomy, includes a 4-credit seminar and field-based practicum. This course meets requirements for the major.

BIOL 410 Principles and Methods of Teaching Biology 4 hrs
CHEM 410 Instructional Methods in the Chemistry Classroom 4 hrs
GEOL 412 Principles and Methods of Teaching Earth Science 4 hrs
MATH 410 Teaching and Learning Mathematics 4 hrs
PHYS 410 Teaching and Learning Physics 4 hrs

Educational Foundations (9 hrs)

Three courses, taught in the School of Education, focus on educational foundations, child/student development and general pedagogy.

EDUC 689 Foundations of Special Education 3 hrs
EDUC 532 Introduction to Development and Learning 3 hrs
EDUC 615 Schools and Community Collaboration 3 hrs

Student Teaching (12 hrs)

EDUC 593 Internship/Student Teaching – Topic ID – UNC BEST & Music Education 12 hrs

Seminar (1 hr)

EDUC 601 Education Workshops (must be completed during student teaching semester) 1 hr