Add-on Licensure (Post-Master's)
School Administration

Program of Studies

The program of studies for the add-on licensure program in School Administration is common to all candidates. The program requires 7 courses (21 credits total) and a year-long, part-time internship (6 credits total). Courses meet approximately 10 times each semester from either 4:00-7:00 p.m. or 7:00-10:00 p.m. Candidates spend their remaining course hours in schools performing field- and project-based research and activities. The add-on licensure program is authorized by the University of North Carolina General Administration and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Courses must be taken on-campus and may be taken in any order. A maximum of four courses may be taken in any given semester.

The 7 required courses (21 credits) are:

  • EDUC 724 Parent and Community Engagement for the School Executive [Fall]
  • EDUC 725 Supervisory Practice for the School Executive [Fall]
  • EDUC 730 Curriculum Leadership for the School Executive [Spring]
  • EDUC 740 Cultural Leadership for the School Executive [Fall]
  • EDUC 741 School-Based Inquiry and Reform for the School Executive [Fall]
  • EDUC 750 Empowerment Strategies for the School Executive [Spring]
  • EDUC 731 Organizational Management for the School Executive[Spring]

The internship (6 credits) is represented by:

  • EDUC 736 Internship in School Administration [Fall]
  • EDUC 738 Internship in School Administration [Spring]

A candidate who does not successfully complete the required artifacts will be required to continue to register for internship credits each semester until the artifacts/portfolio are successfully completed. The internship may begin ONLY in the fall semester. The internship may begin only after the successful completion of five (5) of the courses listed above.