Education, Ph.D.
(Curriculum and Teacher Education)

Program of Studies

The following shows a program of studies plan with requirements for the Ph.D. degree in the Teacher Education and Curriculum program. There are two foci in this strand, Teacher Education and Curriculum, each consisting of at least 54 credit hours of coursework excluding dissertation credits.

TEC Core Requirements

These courses, designed to study the policy, historical and philosophical contexts of teacher education and curriculum, are required of all our TEC students:
EDUC 867 Issues in Educational Policy and Research 3 hrs
EDUC 945 Intellectual Histories of Educational Thought 3 hrs
EDUC 779 Contemporary Philosophies of Democratic Schooling 3 hrs

Required courses for Teacher Education focus:

EDUC 862
Teacher Education in the United States OR
Teaching and Professional Development
3 hrs
EDUC 947 Diversity in Teacher Education 3 hrs
EDUC 953 Research and Policy in Teacher Education 3 hrs
EDUC 952 Research Practicum in Teacher Education 3 hrs

Required courses for Curriculum focus:

EDUC 851 Curriculum Theory 3 hrs
EDUC 949 Institutional Logics of Curriculum and Teaching 3 hrs
One of the following courses:
EDUC 950A Advanced Curriculum in the Humanities 3 hrs
EDUC 950B Advanced Curriculum in STEM 3 hrs

Research Requirements

All TEC students are required to take, or have taken in a prior graduate program
EDUC 710 or equivalent (ie: Introduction to Statistics)
EDUC 830 or equivalent (ie: Introduction to Qualitative Methods)
EDUC 817 or equivalent (ie: Introduction to Educational Research Design)
The courses above do not count toward the credit requirements of the doctoral program.
In addition, during their doctoral program, all TEC students are required to take one additional quantitative (e.g., EDUC784 or equivalent) and one additional qualitative (EDUC868 or equivalent) course.