Education, Ph.D.
(Teacher Education and Curriculum)

Program Description

Teacher Education and Curriculum (TEC)

In the Teacher Education and Curriculum (TEC) doctoral strand, we explore two domains deeply rooted in education for a democratic society. These domains, the education of teachers and the selection of curriculum, are at the center of highly contested local, national, and international programs of school reform. We interpret and study curriculum as an index to a society’s vision of what matters, tracing its links to culture, politics, economy, and conceptions of a just society. We study the education of teachers to understand the complexity and challenges of pedagogy in the vital work of improving schools and classrooms as teachers engage their academic disciplines as well as their students, schools, and communities. We welcome experienced educators to advanced interdisciplinary study in these fields which address teaching across multiple grade levels and academic disciplines.

Engaging the tensions of individual freedom and collective responsibility, addressing both local and national issues and their histories, as well as international perspectives, scholarship in teacher education and curriculum includes school based inquiry as well as theoretical studies of pedagogy, knowledge, and the construction of democratic communities. This inquiry flourishes when it employs a variety of research methods - qualitative and quantitative, as well as historical, literary and philosophical studies. Students will select research courses which will complement their own intellectual skills and prepare them to address the problems they wish to study.

Students in TEC will take courses in teacher education and curriculum as well as in self-identified areas of interest. There are three required courses for all TEC students followed by three or four additional courses specific to either curriculum or teacher education, depending on one’s specialization. Additionally, each TEC student will be required to take three research courses. Graduates will be prepared to promote innovative, research based strategies for the education of teachers and for the analysis and development of curriculum, and to assume teacher education and/or curriculum positions in higher education.

Curriculum Core:

  • Intellectual History
  • Learning Theories
  • Advanced Curriculum in the Disciplines OR Curriculum Theory
  • Institutional Logics of Curriculum and Teaching
  • One additional curriculum course (as approved by the student’s POS committee)

Teacher Education Core:

  • Teacher and Professional Knowledge and Change
  • Diversity in Teacher Education OR Comparative Perspectives of Teacher Education
  • Research and Policy in Teacher Education
  • Intellectual History
  • Learning Theories


Applications for the Fall 2019 Admission Term are due
February 12, 2019

A bachelor’s degree is required for application to the Ph.D in Education program. Applicants with Master’s degrees are also encouraged to apply.

For detailed application instructions please visit our Admissions page.