School Psychology, Ph.D.

Our Alumni

Dr. Anna Long

Assistant Professor, School Psychology Program, Department of Psychology, Louisiana State University

Class of 2009

Internship: Central Regional Hospital (formerly Dorothea Dix)

“I appreciated the multiple, diverse research and clinical training opportunities at UNC. These opportunities surpassed that offered through many other school psychology programs and greatly enhanced my professional development and competitiveness for employment.”

Dr. Peter Duquette

Pediatric Neuropsychologist; Clinical Assistant Professor at Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities, CIDD

Class of 2008

Internship: Texas Children’s Hospital;

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Children’s National Medical Center

Dr. Sean Knuth

Forensic Psychologist, Director of Training with Mecklenburg County’s Forensic Evaluations Unit

Class of 2011

Internship: Joint internship between Durham Public Schools and the Forensic Psychiatry Service, housed within UNC Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry

“I found my training at UNC to be both broad and deep. The core training I obtained through the School Psychology Program provided me with a substantial amount of information related to child development, child psychopathology, principles of assessment, applied educational psychology, and how to be a responsible consumer of scientific literature. The supplemental training I was able to obtain through practicum placements and graduate research assistantships at nearby institutions and agencies allowed me to custom-tailor my education and prepare myself for an unusual career in an area of practice I didn’t know existed prior to coming to UNC.”