Education, Ph.D.
(Culture, Curriculum and Change)


Alphabetical Listing

Core Faculty
Additional Faculty

Listing by Specialty

Cheryl Mason Bolick Educational Technology; Social Studies Curriculum
Susan Friel Curriculum Development in K-8 Mathematics
Jocelyn Glazier Social Justice and Multicultural Education
Madeleine Grumet Curriculum Theory
Suzanne Gulledge Social Studies Curriculum
Lynda Stone Curriculum Theory
Jim Trier Curriculum History and Theory
Educational Policy
Catherine Marshall Politics of Education; Gender and Equity; Policy Advocacy
George Noblit Policy and Evaluation Research Methods; Race and Equity
Rita O'Sullivan Policy Research, Evaluation and Assessment
Eileen Parsons

Science and STEM Education; Race and Equity

Xue Lan Rong Teacher Education/Recruitment
Social Foundations
Deborah Eaker-Rich Sociology of Education; qualitative research methods
Fenwick English Postmodernism and Leadership
Madeleine Grumet Feminist Theory in Education
Suzanne Gulledge Political Issues/Trends/Reform
James Marshall Social Foundations
George Noblit Sociology and Anthropology of Education; Qualitative Research Methods
Eileen Parsons

Critical Race Theory in Education, Social Context and Learning, and Qualitative Research Methods

Xue Lan Rong Immigration and Schooling; International Education; Demographic Studies
Olly Steinthorsdottir Gender and Equity in Mathematics Education
Lynda Stone Philosophy of Education; Feminist and Social Theory
Jim TrierĀ  Cultural Studies in Education
Teacher Education
Cheryl Mason Bolick Social Studies Education; Education Technology
Susan Friel Mathematics Education K-8
Jocelyn Glazier Professional Development/Teacher Education
Madeleine Grumet Humanities/Arts Education
Suzanne Gulledge Middle Grades Social Studies
Catherine Scott Mathematics Education 6-12
Xue Lan Rong Social Studies; Multicultural Education
Olly Steinthorsdottir Mathematics Education
Jim Trier English Education