Education, Ph.D.
(Cultural Studies and Literacies)

Program of Studies

***Please note that this Program of Studies will be somewhat altered for the incoming Fall 2015 Cohort. Please check back in August 2014 for more information.***

The following text illustrates a program of studies (POS) for the Ph.D. degree in Cultural Studies and Literacies (CSL) with a program completion goal of four years. CSL doctoral students are given quite a bit of flexibility and assistance to declare concentration areas and develop pertinent knowledge claims through the POS process. More specifically, CSL doctoral students work very closely from day one with their advisors to ensure that all coursework will be considered appropriate for their academic aspirations. The POS must include at least 54 credit hours (excluding dissertation credits). In addition, CSL doctoral students must enroll in at least nine (9) credit hours each semester to be considered as having full-time enrollment status.

The general concentration areas are:

  • Cultural Studies
  • Critical Literacies
  • Qualitative Research
  • Social Foundations
  • Critical Multicultural Education
  • English Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Social Studies


Prerequisite Requirement

EDUC 830 Field Techniques 3 hrs

Ph.D. in Education: Core Requirement

EDUC 867 Issues in Educational Policy and Research 3 hrs

CSL Core: (9 credit hours)

EDUC 764
EDUC 772
EDUC 779
Current Issues in Literacy OR
Educational Sociology OR
Contemporary Philosophies of Democratic Schooling
3 hrs
EDUC 790
EDUC 877
EDUC 904
Literacy Research & Instruction OR
Critical Multicultural Education OR
Exploring Representations of Education in Popular Culture
3 hrs
EDUC 906
EDUC 907
EDUC 913
Education of African Americans OR
Technology Literacy OR
Language, Identity, and Power (formerly Bilingual Bicultural Education)
3 hrs

Research Foundations (15-18 credit hours)

EDUC 802 Foundations of Educational Research 3 hrs
EDUC 868 Advanced Qualitative Research
(EDUC 830 is prerequisite)
3 hrs
EDUC 878 Meta-Ethnography 3 hrs
EDUC 970 Applied Theory and Research: Dissertation Proposal Preparation 3 hrs
EDUC 974 Critical Social Theory Explored Through Media 3 hrs
EDUC 977 Autoethnography in/as Educational Research 3 hrs
Course substitutions and additional coursework may be approved by the Program of Studies Committee.

Cultural Diversity in Education
(Choose one from below = 3-6 credit hours)

EDUC 758
EDUC 776
Immigration and Education OR
Gender, Race and Class Issues in Education
3 hrs
EDUC 769
EDUC 976
Schooling of Latin@ Students OR
Black, Chicana, “Third World” Feminisms in Education
3 hrs

Professional Development Courses (3-6 credit hours)

EDUC 865
EDUC 990
College Teaching Internship OR
Research Apprenticeship
3 hrs
EDUC 862
OS 858
Teaching and Professional Development OR
Grant Writing
3 hrs

Dissertation Hours

EDUC 994 Dissertation Credits 6 hrs

Specialty Areas (3-4 additional courses/9-12 credit hours)

In consultation with their Program of Studies Committee, doctoral students will declare concentration areas and knowledge claims. CSL courses above, other SOE Ph.D. courses and courses in the Arts and Sciences may all be considered.