Education, Ph.D.
(Cultural Studies and Literacies)

Program Description

Cultural Studies and Literacies (CSL)

The Cultural Studies and Literacies strand is designed for future scholars and researchers who will study the linguistic, social and cultural contexts of education and how culture, language and education are produced locally, nationally and globally. This strand prepares future scholars, researchers and faculty who work in the areas of multiple and critical literacies, social and cultural foundations of education, the intersectionality of  race , gender, language, sexual orientation and class, qualitative research methods broadly conceived, and how all of these contribute to creating social and educational inequities. Our focus is both critical and constructive. Our efforts first describe, interpret and critique current practice and belief and then move to strategizing about how to create a more equitable society and world. We prepare scholars to be first-rate educators, theorists, qualitative research methodologists, and advocates for change.


The Education, Ph.D. in Cultural Studies and Literacies has been discontinued and succeeded by The Education, Ph.D. in Culture, Curriculum and Teacher Education.