Music Education: K-12 Licensure; B.M.

Program of Studies

Pedagogy (15 hrs)

MUSC 168 Basic Conducting 3 hrs
MUSC 226 Winds and Percussion Techniques 3 hrs
MUSC 227 Strings, Piano, and Voice Techniques 3 hrs
MUSC 228 Advanced Problems 3 hrs
MUSC 309 Advanced Lessons in Conducting 3 hrs

Education Core Requirements

Taught in the School of Education, focus on educational foundations, child/student development and general pedagogy.

EDUC 532** Introduction to Development and Learning
Offered fall/spring semesters
3 hrs
EDUC 615** Schools and Community Collaboration
Offered fall/spring semesters
3 hrs
EDUC 689** Foundations of Special Education
Offered fall/spring semesters
3 hrs
** Must be taken together

Student Teaching (12 hrs)

EDUC 593 Student Teaching
Offered spring semester only
12 hrs


EDUC 601 Education Workshops
Offered fall/spring semesters
Must complete two semesters (1 credit hour each)
2 hrs