School Administration, M.S.A. Flex

Program of Studies

The program requires 42-45 credits hours of study (depending on the internship option taken) including 30 hours in the major with a concentration in curriculum and instruction and 12 hours in a field-based internship and internship seminar. During their five semesters of study, students in the Off-Campus M.S.A. Program take seven courses in Educational Leadership (21 credits), three courses in Instructional Leadership (9 credits), and four courses related to a Supervised Internship and its associated Seminar (12 credits).

Course work is scheduled to take two and one-half years or five semesters to complete. Subject to their advisor’s approval, students may transfer up to 9 hours in prior course work into the program. The transfer credits must be comparable to courses in the program, have been taken at the graduate level for a grade within five years from the admission date, and may not have been used to fulfill the requirements for another degree.

All Flex participants meet the same academic requirements, take the same courses and earn the same graduate-level degree (M.S.A.) as students completing the full-time, on-campus program.

Educational Leadership Courses - 21 Credit Hrs 

EDUC 724 Program Development for Special Populations 3 hrs
EDUC 727 The Social Context of Educational Leadership 3 hrs
EDUC 740 Problems in Educational Leadership I 3 hrs
EDUC 741 School-Based Inquiry and Reform 3 hrs
EDUC 742 Personnel Administration and the Law 3 hrs
EDUC 750 Managing Schools Within a District Context 3 hrs
EDUC 731 Problems in Educational Leadership II 3 hrs

Instructional Leadership Courses - 9 Credit Hrs 

EDUC 725 Problems of Supervisory Practice 3 hrs
EDUC 730 Curriculum Leadership 3 hrs
EDUC 732 Group Dynamics, Decision Making and Problem Solving 3 hrs

Internship - 12 Credit Hrs

EDUC 735 Seminar for Internship in Educational Administration I 3 hrs
EDUC 736 Internship in Educational Administration I 3-6 hrs
EDUC 737 Seminar for Internship in Educational Administration II 3 hrs
EDUC 738 Internship in Educational Administration II 3-6 hrs


At the end of a candidate's program:

  1. The Educational Leadership faculty and other assessors will formally review the candidate's portfolio. If the portfolio is deemed proficient according to the NC School Executive Preservice standards, the assessors will submit their recommendation for licensure to the UNC licensure office;
  2. The UNC licensure office will communicate the licensure recommendation to the NC Department of Public Instruction, which will then formally assess the portfolio according to established criteria;
  3. Upon determination of candidate proficiency, the NC Department of Public Instruction will issue the desired license.