School Administration, M.S.A.

2nd Year, Paid Internship

The State Stipend amount for full-time MSA student interns is set each year by the North Carolina Legislature.

Administrative Interns: Full-time Students

Administrative interns are students in an approved full-time master’s degree program in school administration and are participating in their required internship at a school unit. Full-time students serving their internship are not required to have a North Carolina Educator’s License. Notification of eligible full-time interns shall be supplied to DPI by the Principal Fellows Program or school of education where the intern participates in a full-time master’s degree program in school administration.

2nd Year MSA (Master of School Administration) students shall receive a 10-month stipend of $3,730/month.

Full-time MSA interns do not earn sick leave, annual leave, personal leave, holiday leave, retirement, or longevity, but do qualify for FICA.

NOTE: An administrative intern may NOT be in a full time MSA program and at the same time work in a state funded position.