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The Impact of School Counselors

The 2018 School Counselor of the Year, finalists, and state school counselors of the year share what a school counselor does, how they change students’ lives - and how students change them.

I Hear You Say - ASCA Podcast Series

Counselors around the country discuss various topics. Recent episodes include a discussion with the creator of the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” tips for managing the demands of the profession and practicing self-care, and creative strategies for nurturing parental involvement.

Are Schools Ready to Tackle the Mental Health Crisis?

The growing crisis around students’ mental health, and the scarcity of available care, has long been a concern of many educators and health professionals. Interest among lawmakers, however, is a relatively new trend, sparked primarily by the spate of mass shootings. There is also a growing awareness of the stress and anxiety gripping so many teenagers, the role of trauma in their lives, overdue scrutiny over punitive school discipline policies, and the devastating effects of poverty.

Colorado Boosts Funding for School Counselors: The Centennial State is betting on counseling to vault low-income kids into good jobs an post-secondary education

Colorado is betting that a big investment in counseling can improve educational outcomes for its low-income students. Since 2008, it has spent almost $60 million to hire an additional 270 counselors and provide professional development training at 365 low-income middle and high schools throughout the state, via grants from the Colorado School Counselor Corps. State officials see the corps as a means to expand opportunities for the growing numbers of first-generation students and a way to offset the threat of a labor shortage.

The Growing Achievement Gap: Income inequality is exacerbating the gap between rich and poor school children

Kids arrive at school with large achievement gaps between rich and poor, and that achievement gap grows over the summer. Now two new studies show that the summer learning gap between the lower and middle classes may be narrowing while the rich surge ahead of everyone.

School counselors may be the best defense against school shootings

Most of today’s school counselors graduate from 60-credit-hour master’s level graduate programs that include coursework in identifying early signs of depression, social isolation, aggressive and anti-social behaviors, and all of the other pre-determinants that can lead to a school shooter mindset.

With Hundreds of Students, School Counselors Just Try to ‘Stay Afloat’

According to the most recent data, school counselors across the country manage caseloads of about 482 students each. In California, that average ratio is 760 students per counselor — the second highest in the nation. Many counselors there are just trying to "stay afloat" and get through each day. The American School Counselor Association recommends that counselors work with 250 students each, but just three states follow that advice.

Equality Isn’t Equity: Every Student Needs a Great School Counselor

High-quality school counselors are critical to our young people. As educational advisers, they guide students through their educational journeys, from selecting which classes to take to what post-secondary opportunities to pursue and how to navigate college applications and financial aid. As advocates, they play key roles in ensuring students get the great teachers they deserve and the supports they need to be successful.

Counseling ranks #4 in Most Meaningful Majors

With this in mind, salary research site PayScale recently ranked the most meaningful majors. Researchers identified the majors based on one of the questions answered by the 2.3 million graduates representing 2,700 colleges and universities who have completed PayScale's employee earnings survey.

How adding high school counselors saved Colorado more than $300 million

Money spent to bring in more middle school and high school counselors helped keep almost 1,000 at-risk students in Colorado schools and send more of them to college, a new report shows.

Gwen Roulhac (M.Ed. '05) named a Durham school counselor of the year

Gwen Roulhac (M.Ed. '05) has been named the high school counselor of the year by Durham County Public Schools.

Akos, students visit lawmakers on school counselors' 'legislative day'

Patrick Akos, coordinator of the school counseling program, and students from the program went to Raleigh on Thursday, March 7, to meet with legislators as part of the N.C. School Counselors Association's "legislative day."

Patrick Akos named to ASCA governing board

Professor Patrick Akos, coordinator of the school counseling program at the School of Education, has been elected to the board of directors of the American School Counselor Association.