Master of Education for Experienced Teachers, M.Ed.

Social Studies (6-9, 9-12)

We are NOT currently offering admissions for the Social Studies (6-9, 9-12) cohort.

If you would like to be alerted to potential future cohort offerings,
please contact the Cohort Leader below.

The focus for the specialty area is social studies in grades 6-12. Teachers who successfully complete the program requirements earn both an M.Ed. and the recommendation for master’s level licensure in the area that they had upon entry into the program (middle grades social studies 6-9 or secondary social studies 9-12).

The program of studies for this cohort is innovative and classroom focused and has an emphasis on experiential education, social justice, global perspectives and technology resources. The program emphasizes integrating history, geography, and other social studies disciplines with research based practices and collaborative inquiry. It will enable successful candidates to use concept based and thematic approaches that engage students, advance literacy and critical thinking goals and that support updated curriculum standards. We will explore the citizenship aims that define social studies and the great opportunity for personal and academic development that the scope and sequence of the curriculum provide with the integration of arts and humanities. Teachers will also have numerous opportunities to engage in activity based and interdisciplinary experiences.

Cohort Contact

Suzanne Gulledge, Cohort Leader
(919) 962-6605