Master of Education for Experienced Teachers, M.Ed.

2017-2019 MEDX Program of Study

Early Childhood Intervention and Family Support 2017-2019 Cohort

MED Specialty Courses

MED CORE Content

Summer 2017

EDMX 767: Infant/Toddler Curriculum and Learning Environments (3)

EDUC 601: Education Workshop(3)

Fall 2017

EDMX 764: Families and Teams – Sociocultural and Interdisciplinary Perspectives (3)

EDMX 708: Research Methods (3)

Spring 2018

Elective (3) TBA

EDMX 709: Teacher as Researcher (3)

Summer 2018

EDMX 766: Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum and Learning Environments (3)

EDUC 693: Practica Early Childhood Student Internship (1-3)

Fall 2018

EDMX 716: Assessment and Differentiation (3)

EDMX 762: Advanced Emergent Literacy (3)

Spring 2019

EDMX 762: Child Development and Disability (3)

EDMX 710: Early Childhood Teacher Leadership (3)

Elective Options:

Students in the Diversity Specialization should enroll in: EDUC 758: Immigration and Education

Students in the Inclusion Specialization should enroll in: SPHS 801: Autism Across the Life Span

Or students not enrolled in the above specializations may choose one of the above courses or other graduate level courses focused on young children and families. Elective courses may be taken in the School of Education or other graduate programs within UNC at Chapel Hill such as Special Education (K-12), Allied Health, Maternal and Child Health, Psychology, and Social Work.

Option Two: students who do not hold a current teaching license but have early childhood teaching experience and an undergraduate degree in Child Development or a related field also are required to enroll in additional graduate level courses focused on development and one graduate level course in Special Education. Recommended UNC-CH courses focused on development are: EDUC 871- Cultural Models of Child Development, OR enrolling in both EDUC 762- Child Development and Disability (spring) AND EDUC 763- Biological Basis of Development (fall). The graduate level course focused on special education is: EDUC 689- Foundations of Special Education which is typically offered every term including summer as an on line course. One of the above courses can count toward the students’ elective course.