Master of Education for Experienced Teachers, M.Ed.

Literacy (K-12)

We are offering a Literacy (K-12) cohort for 2017-2019. The specialty offering for the literacy cohort is not showing up in the admissions module and we are working to correct this. You should be able to continue working on the application in the meanwhile, but please do NOT submit the application until this problem has been resolved. (Once you submit an application you will be unable to make any changes to the application.)

The focus of this specialty area is K-12 Literacy (reading and writing) education. Teachers who successfully complete the program requirements can earn an M.Ed. In addition to program completion, teachers must take and pass PRAXIS test #5301 (effective 9/1/12) to be recommended for master’s level licensure, Reading K-12. Graduates may serve as classroom teachers or become full-time literacy coaches and reading specialists.

The program provides leadership in formulating sound, research-based, differentiated literacy models and practical applications for classroom instruction, including a variety of ways of teaching to engage all students in authentic literacy events. Teachers will engage in the use of 21st century skills such as critical inquiry, collaborative study, and using technological tools to enhance scholarship and communication. The plan of study includes current literacy content in the reading and writing processes; disciplinary literacy; new literacies; multimodal literacies; and the politics of literacy.