Education, M.A.
(Early Childhood, Special Education, and Literacy)
(Formerly called Early Childhood, Intervention, and Literacy)

Program of Studies

The M.A. in Education is a 30-hour program and requires the completion of a thesis. No course work is specified; however each student and his or her advisor develop an individualized program of study.

Incoming M.A. students will take 12 credit hours in their first semester in the program.  These 12 credits will usually include the EDUC 805 seminar, EDUC 680 - Introduction to Educational Research (when available), a statistics course chosen from the various options available in the School of Education to best fit the student’s need, and one or two additional courses of the student’s choice.  New students will meet with their advisor at the beginning of the academic year to develop a program of study; any changes that need to be made to the set of courses for which the student originally chose to register can be made at this time.

Syllabi and course information for the the M.A. in Education (Early Childhood, Special Education and Literacy) can be found by following the links below. Students should choose among the following courses when developing their individual programs.


EDUC 617 Introduction to Communication Disorder 3 hrs
EDUC 629 Language Minority Students: Issues for Practitioners 3 hrs
EDUC 662 Advanced Emergent Literacy 3 hrs
EDUC 664 Families and Teams in Early Childhood Intervention: Interdisciplinary Perspectives 3 hrs
EDUC 665 Early Childhood Assessment Strategies 3 hrs
EDUC 666 Preschool/Kindergarten Curriculum and Learning Environments 3 hrs
EDUC 667 Infant/Toddler Curriculum and Learning Environments 3 hrs
EDUC 668 B-K Internship 1-2 hrs
EDUC 669 B-K Teacher as Researcher Internship 1 hr
EDUC 678 Seminar in Educational Studies: (Spanish for Educators [Heining-Boynton]) 3 hrs
EDUC 684

Statistical Analysis of Educational Data I

4 hrs
EDUC 695 Introduction to Exceptional Children 3 hrs
EDUC 708 School Consultation Methods 3 hrs
EDUC 758 Immigration and Education 3 hrs
EDUC 761 Professional Development and Leadership in Early Childhood Intervention 3 hrs
EDUC 762 Child Development and Disability 3 hrs
EDUC 763 Biological Bases of Children's Development 3 hrs
EDUC 770 Multicultural Ways of Knowing: Narrative and Story 3 hrs
EDUC 861 Seminar in Special Education 3 hrs
EDUC 864 Families, Schools, and Child Development: Successful Intervention Strategies 3 hrs
EDUC 871 Seminar in Education: Research Methods 3 hrs
EDUC 877 Critical Multicultural Education 3 hrs
EDUX 622 Content Area Reading and Writing 3 hrs
PSYC 507 Autism 3 hrs
SPHS 583 Introduction to Communication Disorders 3 hrs
SPHS 740 Communication Development: Analyses and Clinical Applications 3 hrs
SPHS 761 Child Communication Disorders 3 hrs
SPHS 765 Augmentative Communication 3 hrs
SPHS 806 Communication Assessment and Intervention for Children Birth to Five (with Infants & Toddlers/for Preschoolers) 3 hrs
SPHS 864 Language Impairments in Children 3 hrs