Education, M.A.
(Early Childhood, Special Education, and Literacy)
(formerly called Early Childhood, Intervention, and Literacy)

ECSEL Research

The faculty in ECSEL are renowned scholars in their specialty areas and most have ongoing projects that are described on their individual faculty pages. In addition, there are many supplemental resources that enhance the research opportunities for students.

The Research Triangle area contains some of the most illustrious faculty and facilities in the world in the area of early childhood and families. Besides the faculty in the School of Education, The Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute has long been known for its landmark studies of children at risk and children with disabilities along with the development of new curriculum approaches to a variety of children and their families. Many of our faculty have joint appointments with this center.

The Center for Developmental Science, just down the street from the School of Education, offers theoretical and research based approaches to research on children and families. Their seminar series and post doctoral program bring together scholars from a variety of disciplines interested in changes in human development across the life span.

Other centers and facilities that offer students a variety of basic and applied skills in dealing with young children and their families include the following: