Add-on Licensure
Literacy (Reading)

Program Description


The Literacy (Reading) Add-on Licensure program is designed to help practicing classroom and special teachers of reading, writing, and language arts to contribute to positive change in how students are taught. These contributions are guided by understandings of the psychology of reading and writing as well as social, cultural, political and physical/physiological aspects of literacy development.

In North Carolina, Reading is an add-on license for teaching reading and the related language arts in kindergarten through twelfth grades. The program provides leadership in formulating sound, research-based, differentiated literacy programs and daily instruction, including a variety of ways of teaching as well as refined diagnostic processes and assessment.

To receive the NC license students must successfully complete all courses, satisfactorily complete midpoint, exit criteria, and synthesis and evaluation statements, and achieve a passing score on the recommended Praxis Exam.


The coursework for the Literacy Add-on Licensure program is embedded in the literacy cohort that is part of the Master of Education for Experienced Teachers.

Program requirements include:
  • Licensure as a teacher in North Carolina
  • Two years of teaching experience in your specialty area and your expectation of a contract to continue teaching in that area in North Carolina. Teaching experience can be in any school, public or private, not necessarily in North Carolina
  • Overall four-year GPA of 2.5 or higher on undergraduate transcript
  • Three recommendation letters including one from your principal. Letters of recommendation will be submitted via the online application system
  • Completion of an online application form, including the application fee, a professional statement of purpose, 3 letters of recommendation and all supporting documentation

Students may earn no more than one grade of L (low pass) and no F grades. A second L or any F will make the students ineligible to register for further classes in the program. Students have five years to complete the program.

No more than 20% of the total number of required program hours may be transferred into a licensure program. No courses may be transferred that precede the date of program enrollment by five years.

Master of Education for Experienced Teachers,
Literacy (K-12) Specialty Area

Literacy (Reading) Add-on Licensure students may be eligible to transfer 15 semester hours of the Literacy program to the M.Ed. for Experienced Teachers program.

Students must submit an application to the M.Ed. for Experienced Teachers program by the deadline and meet admissions requirements.

Admitted students would enroll the first summer session or one year after completion of the Literacy (Reading) Specialist Add-on Licensure program.