Add-on Licensure
English as a Second Language

Program Description

The Add-on Licensure program in ESL is NOT currently accepting applications.


The English as a Second Language (K-12) Add-on License program is open to currently licensed teachers who would like to obtain an add-on license in ESL. The program consists of 15 credit hours of coursework, including four required specialty courses, and one elective. Teachers who successfully complete the program requirements can earn the recommendation for licensure, ESL K-12.

The ESL add-on license prepares educators with curriculum development and instructional and leadership skills to support language minority students in their English language development and acquisition of academic knowledge. The program is based on a sociocultural framework that recognizes the funds of knowledge of culturally and linguistically diverse learners and emphasizes culturally relevant pedagogy, additive and research-based instructional practices, the importance of heritage language maintenance, educational equity, and social justice goals. Candidates will also develop and refine skills related to advocating for language minority students in schools.

Requirements for ESL Add-on License Applicants
  • If seeking Master's level licensure, initial licensure as a teacher in North Carolina in any area and grade level is required.
  • Expectation of a contract to continue teaching English language learners in North Carolina in an ESL or any other content or specialty area, or in a mainstream classroom.
  • International or non-native English speakers must provide evidence of having completed an undergraduate degree program in an English-medium institution of higher education, or provide TOEFL scores. The minimum acceptable TOEFL scores for the MEDX ESL program are:
    • Paper-based = 60
    • Computer-based = 50
    • Internet-based = 100
  • International or non-native English speakers seeking teaching licensure in ESL must provide a score of Intermediate High or better on the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) (Note: A score of Advanced Low or higher on the OPI is preferred for admissions since any student who is accepted with a score of Intermediate High will have to co-create a proficiency plan in collaboration with Dr. Cervantes-Soon and will be required to re-take the OPI during the program.)


The Add-on Licensure program in ESL is NOT currently accepting applications.

Program Contact

Rachel Winters
(919) 962-6025