Add-on Licensure
Elementary Mathematics (K-5)

Program Description


The K-5 Mathematics Add-on License program is open to teachers licensed in K-6 elementary education who would like to obtain an add-on license in elementary mathematics. The program includes six courses totaling 18 graduate credit hours that meet the requirements for the K-5 Mathematics Add-on license and are focused on the mathematical knowledge needed for successful teaching of mathematics at the elementary level. The course format for these specialty courses is primarily online though students are sometimes required to meet face-to-face with the instructor at the beginning and the end of the semester.

For admitted students who are eligible there is a small internal scholarship program that can provide individual scholarships for successful course completion. Contact Susan Friel for more information.

Click here to see the course schedule for the licensure-only program.

Courses include:

  • Number Systems and Operations: K-5 Mathematical Tasks
  • Data Analysis and Measurement: K-5 Classroom Interactions
  • Rational Numbers and Operations: K-5 Learning Trajectories
  • Algebraic Reasoning: K-5 Discourse and Questioning
  • Geometry and Spatial Visualization: K-5 Assessment
  • Mathematical Modeling: K-5 Leadership

Candidates also complete a summative assessment of content knowledge during the last course in the program.