Educational Leadership, Ed.S./Ed.D.

School Administration Add-on Licensure information for current Ed.S./Ed.D. Educational Leadership students who don’t hold a current principal license

  1. If accepted to the Ed.S/Ed.D. program, the student will be assigned an advisor by the Educational Leadership Area. The advisor will develop an individualized educational plan/program of study for the student. The program of study will take into account the student’s previous/current graduate work.
  2. Ed.S/Ed.D. students with a master’s degree in an education-related field, but not in educational leadership/school administration, are required to take a minimum of 9 additional MSA credits for a total of 63 credits. The student may take up to three of the following seven MSA courses listed below, which are offered at UNC-CH, and/or, with the Chair’s permission, transfer up to 9 MSA/Educational Leadership credits from another accredited institution. Courses transferred must have been completed with a grade of P or higher within the last five (5) years.
    EDUC 724
    EDUC 631)
    Parent and Community Engagement for the School Executive 3 hrs
    EDUC 725
    EDUC 632)
    Supervisory Practice for the School Executive 3 hrs
    EDUC 730
    EDUC 634)
    Curriculum Leadership for the School Executive 3 hrs
    EDUC 740
    EDUC 635)
    Cultural Leadership for the School Executive 3 hrs
    EDUC 741
    EDUC 636)
    School-Based Inquiry and Reform for the School Executive 3 hrs
    EDUC 750
    EDUC 638)
    Empowerment Strategies for the School Executive 3 hrs
    EDUC 731 Organizational Management for the School Executive 3 hrs

  3. All students must complete a (minimum of a) part-time, full-year internship at a school site. This is both a UNC-Chapel Hill and a NC State Department of Public Instruction requirement. Internships completed prior to completion of all add-on licensure coursework, as defined by the program of study, are not creditable. It is possible (though not guaranteed) that the internship can be combined with elements of the required Ed.S./Ed.D. internship, the nature of such an internship is to be discussed with the assigned faculty advisor.