Educational Leadership, Ed.S./Ed.D.

Program of Studies

Below is a suggested sequence in which to take courses for the Ed.S./Ed.D. program. Students have five years to complete program coursework and, if continuing with the Ed.D., an additional three years to complete and successfully defend their dissertation. 

Students may transfer up to nine credit hours - subject to program faculty approval - credits must have been taken at the graduate level, for a grade, and within the past five years.

If students do not have a master's degree in educational leadership/school administration, they will be required to take a minimum of nine additional M.S.A. credits.

When substituting a course for a required course, or transferring credits please list the title of the substitute, the course description, and attach the course syllabus.

Educational Specialist, Ed.S.

Years 1-3
EDUC 831 School Law 3 hrs
EDUC 832 Educational Politics and Policy 3 hrs
EDUC 833 Development and Systems Leadership 3 hrs
EDUC 834 Organizational Behavior and Theory in Education 3 hrs
EDUC 835 Instructional Leadership for Supervision, Curriculum and Technology 3 hrs
EDUC 836 School Finance and Economic Equity 3 hrs
EDUC 837 Cultural Aspects of Leadership and Instruction in School Reform 3 hrs
EDUC 866 Policy to Practice 3 hrs
  Electives 3 hrs
Years 3-5
EDUC 840 Advanced Leadership Theories 3 hrs
EDUC 844 Advanced Seminar and Supervised Internship in Educational Administration 6 hrs

Educational Leadership, Ed.D.

Years 4-8
EDUC 710 Statistical Analysis of Educational Data I 3 hrs
EDUC 841 Development of a Research Proposal 3 hrs
EDUC 830
EDUC 981)
Field Techniques in Educational Research 3 hrs
EDUC 994 Doctoral Dissertation 6 hrs
Suggested Research Electives (one of the following)
EDUC 713 Tests and Measurements 3 hrs
EDUC 829 Applied Measurement Theory for Education 3 hrs
EDUC 784 Statistical Analysis of Educational Data II
3 hrs
EDUC 785 Program Evaluation in Education
3 hrs
EDUC 871 Seminar in Education 3 hrs
EDUC 868 Advanced Qualitative Analysis and Interpretation 3 hrs


Master's degree in field other than Educational Leadership/School Administration

If an Ed.S./Ed.D. student has a master’s degree in an education-related field, but not in educational leadership/school administration, he or she is required to take a minimum of 9 additional M.S.A. credits for a total of 63 credits. He or she may take up to three of the following seven M.S.A. courses listed below, which are offered at UNC-Chapel Hill, and/or, with the Chair’s permission, transfer up to 9 M.S.A./Educational Leadership credits from another accredited institution.

EDUC 724 Parental/Community Engagement for the School Executive 3 hrs
EDUC 725 Supervisory Practice for the School Executive (highly recommended- TPAI) 3 hrs
EDUC 730 Curriculum Leadership 3 hrs
EDUC 759 Problems in Educational Leadership I 3 hrs
EDUC 741 School-Based Inquiry and Reform 3 hrs
EDUC 750 Managing Schools within a District Context 3 hrs
EDUC 731 Problems in Educational Leadership II 3 hrs