Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.D.


Faculty members who teach and serve students in the Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction Program represent many areas of the School of Education. All are scholars in particular areas and certified where needed. When appropriate, all have substantial involvement with public schools (i.e. serving as resource persons, doing collaborative research, supervising students, working cooperatively on boards and committees, serving as a resource for teachers and working directly with students in the public schools).

Advisors in the Program:

Janice Anderson Science Education and Technology Education
Brian Gibbs Critical Pedagogy; Social Justice and Democratic Education; Teacher Disposition, Understanding, Positionality, and Ideology; School Transformation; History of Education
Jocelyn Glazier Diversity and Multiculturalism, Professional Development/Teacher Education, Social and Cultural Studies, Literacy, Equity
Suzanne Gulledge Middle Schools, Social Studies, International Education
Martinette Horner Elementary Education
Diana Lys Assistant Dean of Educator Preparation and Accreditation
Bill McDiarmid Teacher Education, Policy Studies, Subject Matter Learning in the Arts & Sciences
Rebecca New Early Childhood Education, Culture and Child Development, Immigrant Families & School Readiness
Rita O'Sullivan Program Evaluation, Research Methods, Comparative Education, Equity
Kristin Papoi Literacy, Multiliteracies, Arts Integration, Emergent Bilingualism, English Language Learning
Xue Lan Rong Immigration & Education, Critical Multiculturalism, Social and Cultural Foundations of Social Studies, China Studies, and Mixed Research Methods
Lynda Stone Philosophy of Education, Social Theory, Feminism