Graduate and Undergraduate Research and Policy


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Jeff Greene, Division Chair
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Welcome to the Graduate and Undergraduate Research and Policy division! I hope this site will provide an interesting overview of the faculty and the exciting work they do! As you will learn, the division has an interdisciplinary focus directed toward generating and applying research in a number of areas (what we call “strands”) including degrees focused on developmental sciences and special education, cultural studies and literacies, learning sciences and psychological studies, policy, leadership and school improvement, and teacher education and curriculum.  We also have graduate programs in school psychology, educational leadership and curriculum instruction specialists. Our new Undergraduate Minor in Education, focused on education policy, schools and student learning, is also housed in this division.

Graduates of our programs also receive strong training in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies as well as measurement and assessment.   Our faculties are nationally known scholars in their fields and collaborate on research projects across programs and across campus as well as with researchers nationally and internationally.  Graduates of our programs typically are employed as professors and researchers in college or university settings as well as leaders or researchers in school systems or other public service sectors.

Our graduate and undergraduate research and policy division is an excellent place to learn, do research and receive graduate training or an introduction to education through our undergraduate minor.  We welcome all inquiries.