Celebrating 125 Years

Alumni Achievement Award – Dr. Edwin Eugene Dunlap Jr.

Photo of Dr. Edwin Eugene Dunlap Jr.

Dr. Edwin Eugene Dunlap Jr.

Dr. Edwin Eugene Dunlap Jr., through his 31 years working with the North Carolina School Boards Association (NCSBA), has made a career from building a community of service devoted to the educational needs of North Carolina’s children.

A native of Raleigh, North Carolina, Ed received his Bachelor of Science degree from North Carolina State University, where he also obtained a Master’s in Education in the counseling program. For his doctorate, he enrolled at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he was awarded a Ph.D. in School Administration and Public Policy.

Ed has worked in schools, including as a classroom teacher and as a middle school counselor. He joined the NCSBA in 1979 as an administrative assistant and legislative liaison. He was the association’s third employee. Within five years, Ed was promoted to associate director, serving in that position for nine years. Ed became executive director of the association in 1994 and continues in that post today.

Through his work, Ed has built and strengthened partnerships among educational leaders and state political leaders that have addressed the needs of North Carolina schools. He has worked to represent the 115 local boards of education across the state. The advocacy and policy analysis work conducted by Ed and the NCSBA has relied upon effective relationships with the General Assembly, the governor’s office, Congress, administrative agencies, and educational organizations.

During Ed’s tenure at NCSBA, the association has developed the NCSBA Academy of School Boardmanship, increased policy services to local school boards, aided searches for many superintendents, expanded legal services for local boards, increased legislative involvement in educational issues, and deepened communication with key state educational and policy leaders. It is work that has benefited all North Carolina’s children and families.

Ed’s knowledge, background and insights have earned him respect, credibility and trust. His understanding of the needs of local school districts and the types of services from which they can benefit have furthered the work of many educational leaders in North Carolina.

Ed has been sought out by school leaders across the country. He has worked as a leader in the National School Boards Association and with other school board associations. Numerous leaders from other states have visited NCSBA to see how its programs could be replicated to serve school boards around the country. He is a regular presenter at national meetings, discussing how to manage organizations and expand their agendas.

For his peerless devotion to North Carolina’s children and his service to educational leaders seeking to positively influence children’s educations, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Education honors Dr. Edwin Eugene Dunlap Jr. with its Alumni Achievement Award.